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Emily Mayfield

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Content marketing surrounds almost every aspect of the marketing world. There are countless books, articles, blogs, social media outlets, and websites (like the one I am siting) dedicated to content marketing and why it is an essential tool for B2B and B2C marketers. They define strategies, layout plans, and provide case studies detailing the ever-present need to deliver good content to the right people at the right time. A marketer can find virtually every aspect of content marketing they need to know about in these various outlets except one: the content. Of course, it would be senseless to think that a book or a website could tell every company exactly what they need to say to engage their specific customers and promote their specific products. It is up to a good, creative marketer to develop that piece of the puzzle, but where does a good, creative marketer fin... (more)

Shifting Towards Outsourced Demand Generation

According to the Content Marketing Institute, nearly two-thirds of marketers now partner with experts for all or part of their marketing process. As developments continue to grow for marketing technology and as big data continues to put pressure on marketers to prove ROI, successful demand generation is becoming increasingly difficult to perform. In addition to the technology investment, companies need new and digitally relevant skillsets as well as a more complicated and complex execution process. Marketing needs someone to manage the database of their best prospects, define th... (more)

Why B2B Buyers Are Like ‘The Bachelor’

One of my guilty pleasures is to watch ‘The Bachelor’ on Monday nights with my wife.  While it is true that this show may actually decrease your IQ as you watch it, I firmly believe that you can offset the loss of brain cells by making snarky comments about the participants, thus improving your quick wit and comedic timing.  (Plus, we also watch “Downton Abbey”, which makes you smarter just because it's English.) A few weeks ago, I was preparing for my presentation at the 2nd Annual Content Marketing Retreat in Langley, WA while enjoying my weekly dose of manufactured “reality s... (more)

Six Advantages of Progressive Forms for B2B Marketers

In B2B Marketing, gating premium content with forms is the practice for building in-house lead databases. Whether offering a white paper, eBook or Webinar, providing in-depth, expertise content your prospects want badly enough to fill out a form is a common lead generation challenge. But, even after the prospect has filled out one form, the challenge doesn’t end. The prospect must be nurtured and qualified as sales ready before marketers can prove they’ve contributed to demand generation goals. Progressive forms give marketers an edge. Let’s face it, requiring prospects to fill o... (more)

Big Data, the Next Big King?

In an amusing article titled Thank Hillary Clinton (and leave your data too), authors Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman reveal at what lengths some organizations will go to collect and expand their data. In recent weeks, advocacy organizations have bombarded voters with requests to send Hilary Clinton a virtual thank you card for her position as Secretary of State. Underneath all the sincerity, these “thank you cards” are actually a means of grooming and growing data on target audiences. “The groups ‘thanking’ her this week say there’s nothing insincere about their applause for... (more)